Stable Return on Investment!, Active and Growing Community, Open Source, Continuous Improvement, Real World Value

Our Mission

Our aim is to create a BUZZ in the crypto world by presenting a new Proof of Stake coin with a sustainable Return on Investment and real world impact. We want to be more than just another altcoin on an exchange, but a community that not only comes together, but works together to bring BUZZ to its full potential.

BUZZ operates as a completely open source project, where people can contribute and make the BUZZ brand grow into its full potential, while earning BUZZ bounty to incentivize development! If you are interested in working with BUZZ actively, please fill out this Google Form to let us know a bit more about you!

Our ongoing project development can be found on the BUZZ Trello, transparent for everyone to see. Please continue to come by to watch BUZZ truly evolve.

Donation Address: BRfGmqCg6kKBwWTzzMVYoq3BXp2t6oWAzx


Below is a live data feed from Coinmarketcap. We hope to extend this section in the future to visualize known coin holdings across the network.



Below is a great overview of the 2017 and 2018 roadmap. Please click on the image to view the fullly expanded roadmap on our blog! In the blog post linked there, you can read a higher overview of everything we have planned. A lot of the 2018 topics are in an ideation phase where we are planning out the scope, but the rest can be found on the BUZZ Trello, transparent for everyone to see.

Our downloads

Please find our latest Wallet for Windows and OS X, Bootstrap from October and latest Sourcefiles.

NOTICE: It is recommended that you read the Getting Started Guide before downloading for the First Time.


Below, you can find the recommended places to purchase BUZZ from your favorite cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, ETH and DOGE.


  • Coinsmarkets is also a web staking wallet.
  • Coinsmarkets use 9 count satoshis instead of 8, so prices expected to be "5 sats" are "50 sats" here.
  • We are actively seeking listing on Bittrex and Binance. Please help fund our exchange drive with BUZZ donations -> BGqnYmQF9bycegWsboQxL692aaLBZmtqqM

Get in Contact

Feel free to message us at any time - we are active on Twitter, Facebook and Discord. We use the Discord channel as our main support area. Please reach out to us here if you need help!