Open Source Blockchain Implementation creating a sustainable BUZZ in the Energy and Bee Farming sectors.

It is our MISSION to innovate in the Energy and Organic Bee Farming sector, impacting the real world with value while promoting a brighter and cleaner future. With BUZZ and the open possibilities that have been brought to us with blockchain technology, we aim to just that, and more.

Clean Energy Contracts

Using the BUZZ blockchain and clean energy contracts, our CurrentSee IoT Energy Masternode Meters will revolutionize consciousness awareness of commercial and residential energy consumption.

Save the Bees

Using the BUZZ blockchain and smart contracts, we are working to create Smart Hive technology that ensures sustainable Honey Bee populations worldwide. With Masternode Smart Hive Monitors, we will incentivize the local and organic industry in attempt to move away from cruel and unsustainable factory farming practices.


Our roadmap is planned out for the upcoming year, with many projects in parallel. We are working on creating the following in year 2018:

  • Smart Hive and Energy IoT Masternodes, to incentivize sustainable industry alternatives where things go BUZZ,
  • Referral Program and Staking Pool to grow our userbase and provide easy BUZZ management,
  • Gamification Project, to provide ways to digitally earn, spend and burn BUZZ,
  • Mobile and Web Shop, to further increase the real world usage of your BUZZ,
  • BUZZ Core Upgrade, to ensure that BUZZ and future chains offer the latest security and feature sets from the Blockchain ecosystem,

You can follow active task progress on the BUZZ Trello, transparent for everyone to see.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of a diverse group of professionals with extensive experience on melding the wonders of the Blockchain with real world application. Out of respect to the team members, some have chosen to use their internet handles versus a full name in to protect their privacy.

Austin Witherow

Head Maintainer

Austin Witherow takes care that BUZZ continues to most optimally carry out its mission, with the goal of making BUZZ a truly impactful Blockchain implementation.

Maxim Polyarniy

Head Strategist

Maxim Polyarniy is our head strategist, whose dependable insights, stellar network and expert decisions have built a solid foundation for BUZZ and its future to come.


Head Technical Advisor

Konez2k is our most trusted technical advisor, whose guidance and experience developing blockchain applications guarantees a secure and stable foundation.

David & Nikki Bisschoff

Community Management

David and Nikki are vital to our community, managing our official pool, ensuring quality social media support and excellent BUZZ financial management.

Nick Kauffman

HIVE Mind Lead Advisor

Nick Kauffman is an expert in the open source community, and works with us as a financial advisor for the Smart Hive project.

Mark Savage


Mark Savage is a great addition to the team with an excellent community on YouTube, bringing a lot to the table with his marketing strategies.


Below, you can find the recommended places to purchase BUZZ from your favorite cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, ETH and DOGE.


  • Coinsmarkets is also a web staking wallet.
  • Coinsmarkets uses 9 count satoshis instead of 8, so prices expected to be "100 sats" are "1000 sats" here.


Below is a live data feed from Coinmarketcap. We hope to extend this section in the future to visualize known coin holdings across the network.

Get in Contact

Feel free to message us at any time - we are active on Twitter, Facebook and Discord. We use the Discord channel as our main support area. Please reach out to us here if you need help!